What’s Your Sport? – Golf

If golf was a 14-hole game, would YOU be a better golfer?

If the answer to that question is YES there is a simple answer for you other than fixing your swing flaws…The solution is water and HYDR8ION ElectroCaps – Electrolytes for the Athlete in YOU!

Have you ever faded on the back nine? Had a meltdown in the heat or experienced muscle cramps while playing golf? If the answer is yes, then you are likely suffering from dehydration. You may be thinking, ”I drink lots of water (or sports drinks), there’s no way I can be dehydrated!”. If it is not dehydration, albeit mild dehydration, is there another reason for your poor play on the last few holes?

Whether you are a low handicapper playing in a tournament or a high handicapper playing with friends, four hours on the course is a long time. Without water, combined with HYDR8ION ElectroCaps (electrolyte capsules), fatigue as a result of dehydration will likely lead to a “blow-up” on the back nine.

The easiest good thing you can do for yourself and your golf game is hydrate (properly and effectively) with water and HYDR8ION ElectroCaps. The interesting thing about electrolytes is that everyone knows they need them but few people actually know what they are and why electrolytes are so important to your on-the-course performance. Electrolytes with water will ensure proper hydration and will prevent fatigue and careless mistakes on the back nine. How do HYDR8ION

Electrolytes Basics:

Electrolytes are like water optimizers.  They make sure the water you drink gets out of your stomach into your body and to your brain.  Have you ever felt bloated drinking a lot of water?  That means the water you’re drinking is stuck in your stomach and not getting where it’s needed in your body.  This typically doesn’t happen on the front nine, usually the back nine when you’ve been sweating in the summer heat and drinking lots of water.  Think about this…Your muscles are 75% water…think energy on the course.  Your brain is also 75% water…think focus on the course.  Even just mild dehydration can sap your energy and focus and ruin the makings great round of golf.  So, if you’re drinking extra water, you need extra electrolytes.

What about sports drinks?  Sports drinks are no bueno.  Yes, they contain electrolytes but they also have way too much sugar.  60 to 90 minutes after consumption comes the sugar crash, sapping your energy and focus and ruining a great round, and we all know a crappy round has the potential to ruin the day too.  The the low sugar alternatives often have artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame potassium) and who wants to be drinking freaky chemicals when our bodies just need water?  If you are properly hydrated that means you won’t get tired as quickly and you will have MORE ENERGY on the back nine and the rest of your day, without the sugar or caffeine of sports drinks.

How to use HYDR8ION on the course…

I recommend taking one HYDR8ION ElectroCap when you take your first sip of water on the course.  In the summer heat I will take 2 to 3 HYDR8ION on the front 9 and 2 to 3 on the back nine.  The amount I take depends on the heat, how much I’m sweating, and how much water I’m drinking.  Remember, drinking extra water requires extra electrolytes.  This enables me to play my best with even/balanced energy without sugar highs and lows.  After your round, re-hydration and recovery is key.  Take 1 more capsule with a bottle of water on the way home from your round and you will have energy to spend time and have fun with family without being exhausted.

Eliminate Fatigue Recover Faster

Optimize Hydration for Rapid Recovery. Faster recovery means more time, so let’s maximize the time we have!