Frequently Asked Questions

Formulated for athletes, HYDR8ION ElectroLytes are electrolyte replenishment capsules comprised of the critical electrolytes your body needs to play at peak performance: sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Taken with water, this electrolyte supplement will help prevent dehydration and delay the onset of fatigue. Therefore, you won’t get tired as quickly and you will be more focused and energized in the 2nd half (i.e. you won’t physically fade in the 2nd half when the game is on the line).

Unlike other products, such as sports drinks or salt pills, HYDR8ION ElectroCaps allow for healthy and effective electrolyte replenishment without stomach discomfort, sugar spikes and crashes, headaches or other side effects. Each capsule contains a balance of essential minerals needed to optimize physical and mental performance.

Have you ever seen an athlete be carried off the field because of muscle cramps? Better yet, have you ever seen a star athlete come out of a game in the 4th quarter because of dehydration or muscle cramps? Don’t be that athlete. HYDR8ION ElectroLytes with water will help you to:

  • Fight fatigue and dehydration
  • Maintain your concentration
  • Prevent muscle cramps
  • IMPROVE your game and play to the best of your ability

Simply put…Electrolytes are minerals and have two main functions in your body.  They are essential for the transmission of electrical impulses and the regulation of body fluids.

1) Transmission of electrical impulses…Electrolytes are like mini-motors in your body.  They make sure you nerves are functioning properly, ensuring your muscles (and body) do what you want when you want it; and 

2) Regulation of body fluids…Electrolytes facilitate fluid absorption and ensure that the water you drink gets out of your stomach and into your body to your muscles, nerves, heart and brain (kind of like shuttling the water to your muscles and organs).  Have you ever felt bloated from drinking a lot of fluids? That bloated feeling was likely caused by a lack of electrolytes in your system.  It doesn’t happen in the beginning of a workout or game, but in the 2nd half when you have depleted your existing electrolytes through sweat, burning calories and drinking fluids.  Electrolytes and water ensure proper hydration. 

Your body loses electrolytes through physical exertion (sweat). By replenishing your electrolytes, you will beat the heat and gain the mental clarity and physical edge needed to outperform your competition. 

Yes – the average sports drink does contain some electrolytes, but it also contains a lot of sugar. The typical 20 ounce bottle of sports drink has 35 grams of sugar (the equivalent of approximately 9 sugar packets), with only a limited amount of electrolytes. With that much sugar you will likely experience a sugar crash 60 to 90 minutes after consumption – typically in the second half of competition when the game (or match) is on the line.

Would you ever put your team on the field (or court) one player short? The answer is obviously NO. Don’t deprive your body of the critical electrolytes it needs to perform. Don’t settle for a sports drink that has too few electrolytes and too much sugar.

HYDR8ION ElectroLytes have no sugar or calories, which makes them an effective, comprehensive and healthy source of electrolytes.

HYDR8ION ElectroLytes come in capsule form so you can tailor your intake based on your individual needs. Whether you weigh 130 pounds or 230 pounds, you only have to take what you need; it all depends on you, your fitness level, your sport and the day (the climate).

Usage Guidelines…We say “guidelines” because nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, so what works for you may be different than what works for your teammates. HYDR8ION ElectroLytes in capsule form are far more effective and beneficial because you can tailor intake based on individual needs. You cannot get that from a pre-mixed drink that has a finite supply of electrolytes.

The average person will take 1 to 2 HYDR8ION ElectroLytes per hour depending on the day. In the extreme heat you would likely take 2 to 3 (or more) capsules per hour (it all depends on the individual). Whereas, on cooler days, 1 HYDR8ION ElectroLyte per hour usually works just fine. Bottom line…the hotter it is à the more you sweat…the more you sweat à the more water you drink…the more water you drink à the more electrolytes you need. Other contributing factors to your individual HYDR8ION ElectroLytes intake include: weather, your level of fitness, your body size and composition.

** Make sure you are drinking at least 16 ounces of water per hour during competition / exercise.

To optimize your performance, take HYDR8ION ElectroLytes at the beginning and during competition. They will be most effective when taken prior to the onset of fatigue.

Post Game…Re-hydrate and Recover…Take 1 to 2 capsules with a bottle of water after competition. Post game HYDR8ION ElectroLytes with water will better prepare you for the rest of the day’s events and for tomorrow’s workout and/or game.

NO, HYDR8ION ElectroLytes are NOT like an energy drink. There are no stimulants (No sugar, No caffeine) in HYDR8ION ElectroLytes. Electrolytes with water will help enhance your endurance, not make you jittery like an energy drink.

It means that HYDR8ION ElectroLytes have been tested for banned substances and cleared…FREE of all banned substances. With no banned substances in HYDR8ION ElectroLytes, they are perfectly legal for use for all competitive sports. Look at the label and you will know with 100% confidence what is in our product.

There are no calories in HYDR8ION ElectroLytes, so make sure you are also taking in calories to help maximize your energy level and performance.