HYDR8ION ElectroLytes:
Fast. Easy. Effective. Safe.

Electrolytes in a capsule are easy to use and convenient for on the go, no mess and no aftertaste.

HYDR8ION are Water Optimizers

What does that mean?

You work out, you sweat (lose water).

HYDR8ION helps get the water you drink out of your stomach and into your body (to your muscles) where it is needed.

You drink water (replenish), but without replenishing electrolytes, you cannot properly rehydrate

HYDR8ION is unique because it aids in both Performance and Recovery!

HYDR8ION’s pre-workout capsules improve energy & endurance, avoids cramps, and boosts your overall performance!

Better hydrated muscles

Better Everything

HYDR8ION’s post-workout capsules allow for rapid rehydration and recovery, and help eliminate fatigue so you can get your energy and focus back FAST.


Important Facts

HYDR8ION has ZERO SUGAR and ZERO CALORIES and ZERO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS with a full spectrum of electrolytes. HYDR8ION is made with premium ingredients (from Albion Minerals) for maximum bioavailability.

Fact # 1
Hydration is king and HYDR8ION is essential to optimal hydration.
Fact # 2
Tested for banned substances and certified clean. That means they’re safe, so safe in fact that my kids use HYDR8ION for all of their sports.

…that means HYDR8ION gets to work FAST

HYDR8ION Comparison

to other competitor’s products


Made with premium ingredients (from Albion Minerals) for maximum bioavailability. No sugar, zero calories and zero artifical crap.


Calcium carbonate, a.k.a. chalk, is the calcium source, not the most effective form of calcium and “magnesium oxide,” the least bioavailable form of mg.

Drip Drop

Sugar, artificial sweetener (sucralose) and incomplete electrolyte profile

Can you risk losing 10%?

Your muscles are 75% water, your brain is 80%. Being dehydrated means reducing their ability to operate by up to 10% – can you risk that?

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