Without any exaggeration, I feel comfortable saying that Hydr8ion has changed my life. The benefits of Hydr8ion have always been clear when I worked out or played sports – replacement of electrolytes to make sure you are ready to perform at your best. That said, the benefits achieved throughout my everyday existence make this product a game-changer for me.

Before Hydr8ion, my perpetual afternoon feeling of crashing and losing energy was resolved with a cup of coffee to get back on track. Little did I know that I was in fact dehydrated at that time … and making matters worse with the coffee. I now take a Hydr8ion capsule with a glass of water to get back on track. That simple solution is repeated throughout my everyday life to keep me at my best to perform throughout the workweek and beyond.

Outside of my family, I have suggested so many people to Hydr8ion and will continue to do so as the benefits are so clear. Time and time again, it’s always rewarding to hear the great results from the referred folks.