So I’m out here in Colorado for the month and I live in the south as primary home.  The difference in humidity is insane and as a matter of fact, was getting to me.  Dry skin, bloody noses, cracked lips and all.

I use Jason Krause’s product called Hydr8ion.

Well I figured ya know, I could combat this dryness with better hydration.  So I upped my daily intake and ran out before the next batch arrived.  There was a three day period where I had gone from double dose to none then back to double dose.  In that 3 day time frame, my nose bleeds and dry lips/skin was way worse.

Day 1 of being back on the double dose, lips and skin were back to better and day 2, nose bleeds nearly gone.

We all know the importance of drinking water.  But did you know how important it is to have the electrolytes to retain the water too?

I did not until I met Jason and got his product.

Kyle Reed