Hydration and Hangover Recovery

The bottom line is this… without electrolytes you CANNOT re-hydrate

Much of the pain of a hangover is dehydration.

Alcohol is diuretic: therefore you pee out ALL of your electrolytes.

Your body NEEDS electrolytes (HYDR8ION) in order to re-hydrate and recover.

Whether you have 2 drinks or more than 2… HYDR8ION will always help you feel better the morning after.

Here are the facts:

Usage Guidelines after a night out…

  • Before bed…Take 1 to 2 electrolyte capsules with a bottle of water (at least 12oz);

  • When you wake up… Take 1 to 2 more electrolyte capsules with a bottle of water; and if you wake up in the night to visit the facilities (bathroom) take 2 more HYDR8ION capsules with more water and head back to bed. Repeat the process when you wake up.

  • If you really got after it the night before and still feel terrible…continue taking 2 HYDR8ION capsules per hour with water (at least 16oz per hour). HYDR8ION with water will facilitate and accelerate re-hydration. It will reduce, if not eliminate, your fatigue and will help you think straight again. The downside…you will remember all the stupid things you said and did the night before.


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